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Y-40® THE DEEP JOY – is the deepest pool in the world, enlisted in the Guinness World Records for a depth of 42.15 meters and its 4.300.000 liters of thermal water. Opened 3 years ago in Montegrotto Terme, half an hour from Venice, it has now set itself as a global reference point for indoor diving activities and as a research lab, ideal for safety and features, for studies related to the pressure of water on the human body.

ComfTech s.r.l. Comfortable Technology – is an innovative SME specialized in the design and manufacture of garments with patented textile sensors for comfortable and non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters of the person in everyday life as in extreme situations. The quality and reliability of the data are the characteristics of the ComfTech (ISO13485) systems that have been developed as medical devices for monitoring the baby. Created as a research center, the company has always been characterized by a strong push towards innovation and overcoming the limits, and has made available its skills in smart garments for numerous and diverse international, innovative and multidisciplinary projects, working with research institutes, foundations, industrial partners and institutions.