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Diving and astronautics, to investigate the effects of extreme environments on human activities.

From exploring the outer space to discovering the abyss of the underwater world. Just a step away, at least for science. Both environments are considered hostile to human beings, and yet they have pretty much the same technical, scientific, and survival challenges. Studying the effects of these extreme environments on man is the ultimate goal of DAN Europe and ALTEC SpA – Aerospace Logistic Technology Engineering Company, which signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch joint scientific and technological research activities.

One of the first initiatives stemming from the collaboration is the SkiScubaSpace project, dedicated to researching the physiological and pathophysiological aspects of extreme skiing at high-altitudes, underwater diving, flying and being in the space.

DAN Europe has the task of setting up a complete diving laboratory with all the equipment needed to carry out medical and scientific tests while underwater. The same laboratory will be activated in every area of investigation. Cardiac and vascular ultrasounds, doppler, electrocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, and blood samples are just some of the tests performed by DAN’s Diving Safety Laboratory.